Travelling to far off foreign lands is not so much of remembering the places that you had visited or what you bought or ate, it’s the experience that matters and that’s what will live with you forever. A land foreign, with language unheard but beauty you always believed existed only you found it now. We are in Russia! The world’s largest nation with the longest train and home to many billionaires.

A country in Eurasia, Russia happens to be the largest country in the world and Moscow is the beautiful capital which too is one of the largest cities in the world. Besides these fun facts there are much more Russia has to offer. Read on to know some of the places worth seeing in Russia:

  1. Kizhi Island: An open air museum rests in Kizhi Island which is located in Karelia, bordering White Sea and Finland. The settlements in the area can be traced back to the 15th century when the population was widely rural but now only a small proportion of rural population can be found. Among the precious collection in the museum, the Kizhi Ensemble is a UNESCO World cultural and natural heritage. There is also a 120- foot high Church in the island which is made significant with its 22 domes. Other things worth seeing in the island include wooden houses, chapels, barns and windmills
  2. Sophia Cathedral:An embodiment of ancient religious artifacts, the St. Sophia Cathedral is located in Novgorod which is the oldest city in Russia. Situated within the grounds of the city’s Kremlin, the cathedral 125 feet in height and is decorated with five stunning domes. The cathedral is also the oldest church building in Russia. The Mother of God of the Sign, an icon which is believed that saved Novgorod from the attack of 1169.
  3. Hermitage Museum: Art and culture is inseparable from Russian land and this is why the country is so richly blessed with art and architecture that will leave you awed. The Hermitage Museum is another example so such mesmerizing beauty. Located in Saint Petersburg, the museum is home to art and culture exhibiting the collection of over 3 million items from across the globe to see. Quite fascinating that the collection also includes a mighty complex of 6 historical buildings including the residence of former Russian emperors.
  4. Lake Baikal: The deepest and the oldest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Baikal is located in Siberia and holds around 20 percent of the world’s fresh water. The lake is 25 million years old and is surrounded by panoramic mountain ranges. The lake is nicknamed as the Pearl of Siberia and is considered as one of the clearest lakes in the world. Several resorts has made place near the lake and is a popular tourist spot.
  5. Saint Basil’s Cathedral: One of the most desired places and top tourist attraction sin Russia, the Saint Basil’s Cathedral is located at the heart of Moscow. The first thing that catches the sight of visitors is the striking yet pleasing color contrast of the domes that are so beautifully painted. Next is the unique architecture. The design of the cathedral replicates the shape of a bonfire burning in full force. It’s amazing there is no similar structure anywhere else in the world.
  6. Mount Elbrus:The highest mountain in Russia and Europe, Mount Elbrus is located in the Caucasus Mountain Range in Southern Russia. It is one of the prominent peaks in the world and a great place for mountain lovers or who fancy climbing. The mountain is facilitated with cable car connection so you won’t miss a chance to appreciate the beauty overall. It’s interesting to know that the mountain was formed via volcanic eruption but it is considered dormant.

What to Eat?

Apart from the rich culture and architecture, Russia is also famous for its great taste. Here’s what you must try when in Russia:


these thin pancakes made from unleavened dough are a hot favorite in Russia. Topped with apples or caviar, this delicious dish is a perfect breakfast plan.


made out of freshly baked bread, with different types of cheese, this tasty food is designed in the shape of a boat and filled with melted cheese. Some also add egg in to it.


prepared from julienned beetroot, cabbage and meat, this recipe goes best with black bread. Do try!