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China. The title alone makes you wish to get packing. It’s going locations, so bounce aboard, go alongside for the journey and see the place it is headed.

Breathtaking Antiquity

Its fashionable face is dazzling, however China is nobody-trick pony. The world’s oldest steady civilisation is not all smoked glass and brushed aluminium, and when you will not be tripping over artefacts – three many years of spherical-the-clock improvement make some elements of the nation fully unrecognizable from their extra humble beginnings – wealthy seams of antiquity await. Serve all of it up in keeping with style: collapsing sections of the Great Wall, temple-topped mountains, villages that point forgot, languorous water cities, elegant Buddhist grottoes and historic desert forts. Pack a effectively-made pair of travelling sneakers and bear in mind the phrases of Laotzu: ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.

Stupendous Scenery

Few international locations do the good outside just like the Middle Kingdom. China’s landscapes span the vary from alpha to omega: take your decide from the elegant sapphire lakes of Tibet or the emotionless deserts of Inner Mongolia, island-hop in Hong Kong or cycle between fairy-story karst pinnacles round Yangshuo. Swoon earlier than the rice terraces of the south, take a selfie among the many beautiful yellow rapeseed by Qinghai Lake, or hike the Great Wall because it meanders throughout mountain peaks. Get misplaced in inexperienced forests of bamboo or, when your power fails you, flake out on a distant Hainan seashore and hearken to the thud of falling coconuts.


The Chinese stay to eat, and with 1.4 billion meals-loving folks to feed, coupled with huge geographic and cultural variations in an enormous land, anticipate your style buds to be tantalised, examined and handled. Wolf down Peking duck in Beijing, soften over a Chongqing hotpot or seize a seasoned ròujiāmó (shredded pork in a bun) earlier than climbing Hua Shan. Gobble down a steaming bowl of Lanzhou noodles in a Silk Road avenue market, increase the temperature with some searing Hunan fare, or flag down the dim sum trolley down south. Follow your nostril in China and you will not wish to cease travelling.


China is huge. Off-the-scale large. A riveting jumble of wildly differing dialects and climatic and topographical extremes, it is like a number of completely different international locations rolled into one. Take your decide from the yak-butter-illuminated temple halls of Xiahe, a journey alongside the dusty Silk Road, spending the night time at Everest Base Camp, or moving into your glad rags for an evening on the Shanghai tiles. You’re spoilt for alternative: whether or not you’re an city traveller, hiker, bicycle owner, explorer, backpacker, irrepressible museum-goer or faddish foodie, China’s range is second to none.

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