How to Make Travel Planning Easier – 5 Practical Tips

If you have a trip coming up and you are responsible for creating a plan, here are a few handy tips:

1. Create a Virtual Meeting Place

Set up a Facebook event, a WhatsApp group or any virtual meeting place for the people you are traveling with. This will allow you to easily discuss and plan for the trip without having to arrange to meet-up in person. Make sure that the virtual meeting place is solely used for discussing the trip and encourage every member to get involved. Initially, use this space to discuss the destination, the budget and the dates. Then start focusing on the details such as which flights to book, whether to book a hotel or an AirBnB, whether to rent a car or not, etc.

2. Delegate

Travel planning can be much easier when members of the group each have a job to complete, so consider delegating aspects such as accommodation, activities and food to other members. This also helps people to get in the right mindset for traveling. Make sure that they are relaying this information in the virtual meeting space so that a logical itinerary is produced. Although delegating can be easier, be sure to supervise and be proactive in each area.

3. Compare Everything

Check the price on individual vendor’s websites to ensure that you are getting the best deal or use a comparison website such as Skyscanner. Use this for flights, hotels, packages and always check if it is cheaper to book on the vendor’s website (or call them up to see if there are any unadvertised savings).

4. Look Into Travel Services

Consider using a professional service to book and manage all your travel in one place. Specialist companies can arrange all the bookings for a trip to take all of the stress out of planning. Often, this is the best way to find the lowest prices too.

5. Check Out a Travel Itinerary Tool

Creating a travel itinerary and sharing it with the people you will be traveling with is a crucial stage and will help everybody to be fully prepared for the trip ahead. A great way to create a perfect itinerary and save time while doing so is by using When in ROAM. ROAM connects travelers with local concierges who will create a customized trip itinerary just for you, based on your interests and personality. Then you can conveniently share your online itinerary with your fellow travelers which will keep your group organized.

Plan And Enjoy Your Travels!

Travel planning can be a real headache, but it is also the key to a successful trip. Yes, I believe in spontaneous trips and not sticking to a set itinerary all the time. But I have also missed out on some incredible places and experiences because I did not plan anything or did not do enough research. On several occasions I hardly knew anything about my destination until after I arrived. I have often run out of time to do the things I wanted to do or I simply found out about cool spots to visit and things to do too late…

I hope my tips will help you to plan your next trip and I promise I will do my best to follow them myself to prevent some of the last minute travel stress I have had to deal with too often!