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A protected haven in a area of battle, Jordan has delighted guests for hundreds of years with its World Heritage Sites, pleasant cities and provoking desert landscapes.

Ancient Hospitality

Jordan has a practice of welcoming guests: camel caravans plied the legendary King’s Highway transporting frankincense in change for spices whereas Nabataean tradesmen, Roman legionnaires, Muslim armies and zealous Crusaders all handed by the land, abandoning spectacular monuments. These monuments, together with Roman amphitheatres, Crusader castles and Christian mosaics, have fascinated subsequent travellers in the hunt for antiquity and the origins of religion. The custom of hospitality to guests stays to at the present time.

Petra: A World Wonder

Petra, the traditional Nabataean metropolis locked within the coronary heart of Jordan’s sandstone escarpments, is the jewel within the crown of the nation’s many antiquities. Ever since explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt introduced information of the pink-hued necropolis again to Europe within the nineteenth century, the stroll by the Siq to the Treasury (Petra’s defining monument) has impressed even probably the most travel weary of holiday makers. With websites flung over an enormous rocky panorama and a temper that adjustments with the shifting mild of daybreak and nightfall, it is a spotlight that rewards an extended go to.

Desert Landscapes

Take a experience by Wadi Rum at sundown, and it is easy to see why TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) was so drawn to this land of weathered sandstone and reddened dunes. But Jordan’s desert landscapes are usually not confined to the southeast: they embody a salt sea on the lowest level on earth, canyons flowing with seasonal water, oases of palm bushes and explosions of springtime flowers scattered throughout arid hills. Minimal planning and solely a modest funds is required for an journey.

Safe Haven

It takes tolerance to host countless waves of incomers, and Jordan has displayed that advantage amply, absorbing hundreds of refugees from the Palestinian Territories, Iraq and most just lately Syria. Despite contending with this and with giant numbers of vacationers who are sometimes insensitive to conservative Jordanian values, rural life particularly has managed to maintain continuity with the traditions of the previous. While Jordan faces the challenges of modernisation and rising urbanisation, it stays one of many most secure international locations wherein to realize an impression of the quintessential Middle East.

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