Península de Nicoya travel | Costa Rica, Central America

Maybe you’ve come to the Península de Nicoya to pattern the sapphire waters that peel left and proper, curling into excellent barrels up and down the coast. Or maybe you simply wish to hunker down on a pristine patch of sand and take in some solar. By day, you may ramble down rugged roads, fording rivers and navigating ridges with huge coastal views. By evening, you’ll be able to spy on nesting sea turtles or take a midnight dip within the luxuriant Pacific. In between adventures, you will discover no scarcity of boutique bunks, tasty kitchens and indulgent spas to shelter and nourish physique and soul. Whether you come for the thrills or simply to sit back, the Nicoya peninsula delivers. You’ll discover that the times (or weeks, or months) drift away on ocean breezes, disappearing all too shortly.

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